Wedding Packages

We offer three wedding photography packages. Please get in touch for a specific quote for YOUR wedding that takes into account the date and location of the wedding, the number of participants, etc.

"Mini" Package Std. Package "XL" Package
  • 200-350 select shots of the ceremony, of the couple before or after the ceremony, of the throwing of the wedding bouquet, and small and large group photos after the ceremony
  • Photography until around 8 p.m.
  • Includes transportation costs within Budapest
  • Package "A" plus shots of the dinner and opening dance until around 10 p.m.
  • "Extra" shots of the guests (candid photos, special requests, i.e. guests often enjoy the "framed" photo where we walk around with an antique frame and ask them to pose within the frame)
  • Package "B" plus photos of the party until dawn or until the cutting of the cake including photos of any traditional games, events (stealing of the bride, choo-choo-train, etc.)


  • Assistant: when possible, I try to bring along an assistant who helps with lighting and captures certain moments from a different angle. An assistant is not guaranteed, but when possible, accompanies me and is included in the price.
  • Second Photographer, extra shots: each package includes several hundred select photos. You can also ask for the number of shots to be doubled, in which case a second photographer accompanies me, taking shots from an alternate angle (i.e. takes wide-angle shots looking down on the guests during the ceremony).
  • Black & White Film Photography: photos of the couple on black and white film (digital shots can also, of course, be converted to black and white but the quality is just not the same)
  • Album (we create a fine album of up to 70 of the best shots from the wedding, either as traditional photo-book with individually enlarged photos or as a hard-bound coffee-table book that is edited digitally)

Photos of the Couple (separate occasion)

The wedding packages include photos taken of the couple taken on the day of the wedding (preferably taken after the ceremony and before the party, as most couples are quite nervous before the ceremony!) But sometimes it's best to take photos on a day before the ceremony (provided that the bride has access to the wedding dress before), or even on the day of engagement.

Other Services

  • Corporate events, formal portraits, passport photos for the corporate phonebook, photos of company outings: please get in touch for a specific quote!
  • Food & Restaurant Photography: one shoot is usually enough to take images of 10-15 dishes (because of restricions set by timing and the kitchen). Please get in touch for a specific quote!
  • Hen parties, bachelor parties, parties in general: priced per occasion depenting on location, date, and timing.